Be sure about your water
  by Michael Forest
Friday, October 7, 2005 THE INTERLAKE SPECTATOR

 After having worked on construction and homebuilding materal-related industries for several years in the Interlake region in and around Ashern, Rick Schwartz became involved in the business of water treatment equipment installation and consulting.
 He first started his business, Aquasure Water Systems, in 2001 in Stonewall before relocating to Stony Mountain last year.
 As one of the Interlake's water treatment specialists, Schwartz specializes in dealing with water problems, which includes the quality of the water itself (it can be or become hard, rusty and foul smelling, for example) to industry-related issues such as the application of government regulations and compliance with the latter.
 For example, the province is presently in the process of implementing a new water drinking act over a five-year period, which affects the operation and maintenance of many "multiple-use" (more than one connection to the same water source) water supplies. The main thrust of the new act, accoring to Schwartz, is chlorination, which can be the cause of concern if only because it is harder to control levels of
chlorine in smaller applications of water treatment.
 Schwartz does not keep regular office hours because virtually all of his consulting, installation and maintenance/repare activities will of course take place on site at the client's home. To visit Schwartz at his place of business, one must first call to make an appointment. More-over, he does not charge for in-home consultations in the event that no work is to be done to the existing water treatment installation.
 Aquasure has developed a reputation in the Interlake for its "ability to assess, address and fix problems." says Schwartz.
 "People should always get a second opinion on whether their equipment needs cleaning or fixing." he adds. Indeed, and this has been the source of much of the growth of Aquasure's business throughout the region, and Schwartz claims that on average he will be able to save on-third to one-half of the price charged by his bigger competitors on the complete replacement of a water treatment system.
 Most of the work Aquasure does revolves around the cleaning and maintenance of water softeners which is something that shoould be done regularly to avoid the unnecessary discarding of perfectly good equipment. He
goes on to say that landfills abound with softeners that only needed a good cleaning in order to remain serviceable.
 Which brings us to environmental concerns. Schwartz says that many households typically use two to three times the amount of salt needed for effective water treatment, which means that more water is needed when it comes to the point at which the system re-cycles itsef. He also points out that he uses a non-chemical iron filter, which not only is a great boon for the environment, but it will also save his clients up to $200 per year on operating costs.
 While a great deal of Aquasure's business can be very repetitive (cleaning water softeners on a regular basis, for example), Schwartz says that he has also had a few major projects such as the installation of a complete water purification system for a medical research laboratory.
 Also, he was asked to consult on the water system for a dairy barn which had a very high iron content and which was using up to 15,000 gallons of water a day!
 For more information on what Aquasure Water Systems can do for your water treatment meeds, please contact Rick Schwartz at (204) 632-1385.

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